Delaware University scholarship

US master's or doctorate degrees at the University of Delaware 2023

Delaware University offers scholarships for international students to begin a fully-funded master’s or doctoral degree program in the United States in 2023. Located in Newark, Delaware, UD is a renowned national R1 institution with a strong commitment to research excellence. This initiative focuses on groundbreaking research in controlled environmental agriculture and space crop production.These positions will begin in February 2024 (spring) or between June and September 2024 (summer or autumn). Applicants must have a solid background in horticulture, plant/crop science, or a related field.

Delaware University

Research Objective

The core mission of this program is to revolutionize the fields of indoor vertical farming and space crop production by enhancing environmental and nutrient management to achieve greater efficiency. Two primary research areas will be emphasized:

  1. Environmental Nutrient Interaction: This research examines the dynamic interaction between environmental conditions and nutrient solutions in indoor settings. The objective is to acquire a better understanding of how these factors affect the growth and quality of hydroponically-grown food commodities.
  2. Excellence in Lighting: Another pivotal aspect of this program is dedicated to advancing lighting systems for space crop production. The objective is to enhance the productivity and nutritional quality of leafy vegetables in controlled environments.

University of Delaware merit scholarships

To be considered for this exciting opportunity, aspiring scholars must meet certain eligibility criteria, which include:

  • Educational Background: Prior to the intended start date, applicants must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline. However, for those aiming for a Ph.D., a master’s degree in the relevant discipline is mandatory.
  • Research Experience: Preference will be given to candidates with prior research experience in areas such as controlled environment agriculture (indoor or greenhouse), floriculture, LED horticultural lighting, plant physiology, or plant nutrition.
  • Physical Requirements: As part of the program, applicants should be capable of lifting heavy objects, up to 50 lbs. Effective collaboration within a diverse team and availability to work on specified weekends and holidays are also essential.
  • Successful candidates must have superior oral and written communication abilities. Publications that have undergone peer review will be viewed as a bonus.
  • Work Ethic and Commitment: Aspirants should exhibit a strong work ethic, a deep commitment to research, meticulous attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and excellent time management skills.

Delaware University scholarship: Benefits of the Program

Participating in this program offers numerous advantages to students:

  • Fully Funded Opportunity: The program covers all expenses, ensuring that students can focus entirely on their research and academic pursuits.
  • Tuition Fee Coverage: Tuition fees for selected students will be fully covered, relieving scholars from the financial burden of their education.
  • Health Insurance: The program provides comprehensive health insurance facilities, ensuring the well-being of students during their studies.
  • Competitive Salary: In addition to the academic benefits, students will receive a competitive salary, recognizing their dedication and contribution to research.

How to Apply Delaware University scholarship

If you are interested in pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. degree at the University of Delaware in 2023, follow these steps to apply:

  1. Online Application: Start by submitting your application online. This is the first step towards becoming a part of this innovative program.
  2. CV and Motivational Letter: Prepare a well-crafted CV and a motivational letter explaining why you are a suitable candidate for this position. These documents should highlight your academic and research achievements, as well as your passion for controlled environmental agriculture or space crop production.
  3. Submission: Send your CV and motivational letter to the following email address: Make sure to double-check the submission requirements and address any specific questions posed in the application process.
  4. Ongoing Application: Positions will remain open until filled, so even if you miss the initial deadline, you can still apply as long as positions are available.